The rise of the Internet has provided a seamless communication experience for billions of users. You’re maybe one of them, communicating on a daily basis with your family, friends, co-workers, and communities.

But with a public by default blockchain, we would enable the same Web2 companies to again exploit user data by simply looking at the blockchain.

Privacy-Preserving Communication Tools

That’s why we need communication tools, like email, group chats, video calls, social media, and collaborative software with data protection and encryption at its core. We must take back control over our data when using these communication tools.

Alter is paving the way on Secret and has released its private & secure messaging application (email, messaging, and group chat). They plan to release an email bridge, voice calls, video conferencing, and calendar applications in the future with of course privacy at its core.

Its goal is to become the most decentralized, flexible, and scalable communications platform for Web 3.0.

Social Media

You could also imagine any of today's social media platforms or dating apps using Secret and its built-in privacy to protect its users and give them back control of their data and privacy.

This could also apply to decentralized music and video streaming. It’s better to be the only one knowing that you spent hours on cat videos and not your video streaming provider, no?

If you want to learn more about Alter --> Website / Blog

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