Suggest Enhancements

This section guides you through submitting an enhancement suggestion for Secret Network, including entirely new features and minor improvements to existing functionality. Following these guidelines helps maintainers and the community understand your request and find related suggestions.

When creating your enhancement suggestion, please include as many details as possible. Please use this template, including the steps you would take if the feature existed.

How Do I Submit A (Good) Enhancement Suggestion?

Our Github project boards track enhancement suggestions through Github Issues. Create an issue in this repository and follow these guidelines:

  • Use a clear and descriptive title for the issue to identify the suggestion.

  • Provide a step-by-step description of the suggested enhancement with as many details of the benefits and requirements as possible.

  • Provide specific examples to demonstrate the steps. Include snippets that you use in those examples as Markdown code blocks.

  • Describe the current behavior and explain which behavior you expected to see instead

  • Include screenshots that help you demonstrate the steps or point out the relevant part of the affected Secret Network

  • Explain why this enhancement would be helpful to most Secret Network users and isn't something that can or should be implemented as a community project.

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