Vulcan Network Upgrade (OLD)

Network Upgrade Instructions From secret-1 To secret-2

⚠️ Please read carefully before you begin the upgrade.

  • Network Upgrade Instructions from secret-1 to secret-2

  • Validators

    • Prepare your secret-1 validator to halt after block #1,246,400

    • Install the new binaries on your SGX machine

    • Migrate your validator's signing key

    • Migrate your validator's wallet

    • Set up your SGX machine and become a secret-2 validator

  • In case of an upgrade failure


All coordination efforts will be done in the mainnet-validators channel in the Secret Network Discord.

⚠️ Don't delete your secret-1 machine, as we might have to relaunch it.

⚠️ If your SGX machine has a previous secretnetwork installation on it (e.g. from the testnet), you will need to remove it before you continue:

cd ~
sudo systemctl stop secret-node
secretd unsafe-reset-all
secretd reset-enclave
secretd init-enclave --reset
sudo apt purge -y secretnetwork
rm -rf ~/.secretcli/*
rm -rf ~/.secretd/*
rm -rf ~/.sgx_secrets/*

You're probably familiar with SGX by now:

Prepare Your secret-1 Validator To Halt After Block #1,246,400

On the old machine (secret-1):

perl -i -pe 's/^halt-height =.*/halt-height = 1246400/' ~/.secretd/config/app.toml

sudo systemctl restart secret-node

2. Install The New Binaries On Your SGX Machine

On the new SGX machine (secret-2):

cd ~

wget ""

echo "87aee80a112f429db0b8b6703b1eba33accea0f08af9e65339d14d92a5186b24 secretnetwork_1.0.0_amd64.deb" | sha256sum --check

sudo apt install -y ./secretnetwork_1.0.0_amd64.deb

secretd init "$MONIKER" --chain-id secret-2

3. Migrate Your Validator's Signing Key

Copy your ~/.secretd/config/priv_validator_key.json from the old machine (secret-1) to the new SGX machine (secret-2) at the same location.

4. Migrate Your Validator's Wallet

Export the self-delegator wallet from the old machine (secret-1) and import to the new SGX machine (secret-2).

On the old machine (secret-1) use secretcli keys export "$YOUR_KEY_NAME". On the new SGX machine (secret-2) use secretcli keys import "$YOUR_KEY_NAME" "$FROM_FILE_NAME"


  1. If you're recovering the wallet using secretcli keys add "$YOUR_KEY_NAME" --recover you should also use --hd-path "44'/118'/0'/0/0".

  2. If the wallet is stored on a Ledger device, use --legacy-hd-path when importing it with secretcli keys add.

5. Set Up Your SGX Machine And Become A secret-2 Validator

On the new SGX machine (secret-2):

cd ~

secretd init $MONIKER --chain-id secret-2

wget -O ~/.secretd/config/genesis.json ""

echo "4ca53e34afed034d16464d025291fe16a847c9aca0a259f9237413171b19b4cf .secretd/config/genesis.json" | sha256sum --check

secretd validate-genesis

secretd init-enclave

PUBLIC_KEY=$(secretd parse attestation_cert.der 2> /dev/null | cut -c 3-)

secretcli config chain-id secret-2
secretcli config node tcp://
secretcli config trust-node true
secretcli config output json
secretcli config indent true

secretcli tx register auth ./attestation_cert.der --from "$YOUR_KEY_NAME" --gas-prices 0.0125uscrt

SEED=$(secretcli query register seed "$PUBLIC_KEY" | cut -c 3-)
echo $SEED

secretcli query register secret-network-params

mkdir -p ~/.secretd/.node

secretd configure-secret node-master-cert.der "$SEED"

perl -i -pe 's/persistent_peers =.*/persistent_peers = "bee0edb320d50c839349224b9be1575ca4e67948\"/' ~/.secretd/config/config.toml

sudo systemctl enable secret-node

sudo systemctl start secret-node # (Now your new node is live and catching up)

secretcli config node tcp://localhost:26657

Now wait until you're done catching up. This is fast. Once the following command outputs true you can continue:

watch 'secretcli status | jq ".sync_info.catching_up == false"'

Once your node is done catching up, you can unjail your validator:

secretcli tx slashing unjail --from "$YOUR_KEY_NAME" --gas-prices 0.0125uscrt

You’re now a validator in secret-2! πŸŽ‰

To make sure your validator is unjailed, look for it in here:

secretcli q staking validators | jq -r '.[] | select(.status == 2) | .description.moniker'

(Ref for testnet instructions)

In Case Of An Upgrade Failure

If after a few hours the Enigma team announces on the chat that the upgrade failed, we will relaunch secret-1.

  1. On the old machine (secret-1):

    perl -i -pe 's/^halt-height =.*/halt-height = 0/' ~/.secretd/config/app.toml
    sudo systemctl restart secret-node
  2. Wait for 67% of voting power to come back online.

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