• has been a core infrastructure provider since the very start of the network, providing public APIs for applications to use and several testnets + tooling.

  • Secretnodes is a Genesis Secret Network validator and the development organization behind the SecretNodes block explorer. SecretNodes runs API nodes for various application and is a core code contributor to various parts of the network including their own library called SecretDAO, a toolset for DAO creation.

  • Cashmaney AKA Itzik is a SCRT labs developer and the creator of Cashmaps. He runs nodes for the Keplr API cluster and several other applications.

  • Figment used to run the Datahub Secret API service where applications could buy query node services for their applications. Figment is a partner in the ecosystem fund and is also 1 of the 5 Ethereum bridge multisig participants.

  • ๐Ÿ›น Stake or Die! and their founder Sandy have been developers and infrastructure providers for a long time. Besides being active with the Testnet and the public API structure the team also helps the Secret foundation with website development.


  • Jackal DAO is a private decentralized data storage platform as a separate Layer 1 cosmos chain developed by the Jackal team. The team are active in governance leveraging a community voting system.

  • Alter dApp is a user-side encrypted communication application built on Secret Network. Alter was one of the first live applications on Secret Network and their team are great contributors to the network. The most recent Stake-to-access model grants every single staker of 10SCRT access to the ALTER messaging and video app.

  • Secure Secrets is the development organization behind Shade protocol and a host of API nodes for Dapps to use. The founders have been long standing supporters of Secret Network and are core contributors to the Secret Network codebase, documentation and content libraries.

  • Actilist

  • XavierCapital is the organization behind, a tax/auditabillity tool for Secret Network and the wider Cosmos. The founder Jordan is an investor and advisor in several different ecosystem Dapps like Alter, Shade and more.

  • Trivium is a team of 2 man team consisting of Lumi, Xiphiar. They are experienced developers/engineers all in their own niche bringing several tools to the ecosystem. One of those tools is the novel Blackbox application for private wallet funding but they also worked on Cert-up, Cryptoclerk, TX-decrypter and way more. beyond this Trivium supplies both mainnet and Testnet infrastructure.

  • Stashh

  • Jamama


  • is the creator of the widely used Citadel mobile wallet which supports SCRT and is an Ethereum bridge multisig participant and longstanding ecosystem partner.

  • MathWallet - Fenbushi capital is a genesis Secret Network validator and developer for the MathWallet, which used to support Secret Network.

  • B-Harvest is a widely known cosmos validator providing enterprise level services for many Dpos chains and is an ethereum bridge multisig signer.

  • Staked is an institution focused validating team running services for various POS chains and a multisig participant for the Secret-Ethereum bridge.

  • Fina.Cash

  • Starshell


  • SecretAlf works on the website which hosts a calendar and social media platform for the Secret Network ecosystem so users can easily interact and stay up to date with all events.

  • ๐Ÿ…ฒ๐Ÿ…พ๐Ÿ†† ๐Ÿ…ป๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ†…๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ป ๐Ÿฎ aka Gmail has been a longstanding community member and the core developer behind He also runs several APIs for the coingecko price feeds and can be contacted for any specific data requests.

  • NodeVine๐Ÿ‡AKA Elie is the community manager for Sienna network and works together with Emannuelle and SecretAlf on the application.

  • is a validator on many different Cosmos chains and other POS blockchains. They run a faucet for almost all their networks including Secret which you can use to privately seed your wallet.

  • CosmosPug Cosmos pug hosts a website to track Cosmos ecosystem airdrops with comprehensive guides for claiming them.


  • Cryptocrew is a validator organization validating on an array of cosmos chains running relayers for all of them. Based out of Austria cryptocrew has ran relayers for Secret from the first moment of IBC compatibility setting up a big part of the initial infrastructure or helping others to do so.

  • Lavender.Five Nodes ๐Ÿ is a team of 3 and has been a core player in the Secret network ecosystem for a long time. They have made several governance proposals, developed relations with other IBC chains, helped other validators and relayers and are a large contributor to the developer documentation.

  • AutoStake is a validator organization that runs validators for several Cosmos chains and relays IBC transactions for several Secret Network channels. The team provides soft-slash protection for your staked funds.

  • StakeLab is a french organization providing validators and development work for many different chains in the IBC ecosystem. The stakelab team runs relayers for several channels on the Secret Network.

  • playalongs validator provides code for the chains they validate on and relays on several Secret network IBC channels.


  • Mr. Roboto๐Ÿค–'s Secret AKA Baedrik is the founding father of the Snip-721 private NFT standard, the co-founder of and a big contributor to the Secret Network code base for a long time. Baedrik has significant knowledge on the privacy characteristics of Secret Contracts and is a constant help in the discord development channels.

  • ๐Ÿช ๐•Šecret ๐•Šaturn Alex from Secret Saturn is the developer of the upcoming Secret Network Ledger application and a big help in the validator community.

  • SecretChainGirl Capital as a team is a Genesis Secret network validator and they have contributed to the ecosystem in various way. Their most recent projects is called Secret Boxes/university which aims to help developers get started with smart contract development for Secret Network.

  • Chilly Waifu Validation are active developers in the Cosmos ecosystem and have contributed in various ways to the common Cosmos codebase. The team is active on twitter for the community and has written several articles on Secret Network explaining some of the technology.

  • Jamama is a longstanding community member. He is a moderator and developer for the Redacted club community and is the co-founder of the V-IRL Real life NFT utility platform and NFT collection. Jamama is an active contributor in the validator chat to help further optimize the performance of the chain.

  • is a canadian based developer for several Secret Network applications including V-IRL, a metaverse project and an Infrastructure as a service platform. Artemis also runs a validator for the Bitcanna blockchain.


  • WhisperNode๐Ÿค and their founder Brendan have been contributors to the Secret Network from genesis, helping with the puzzle explorer and being a genesis validator. Brendan now runs the Agents program and helps various entities with Bizdev activities while the developer Gh0st focuses on developing for the chains they validate on.

  • ๐•ŠhadowRealm๐Ÿฅท Jay is one of the Business development committee leads and a longstanding community member that is always active in Secret network Governance.

  • Mario AKA Luigi runs the Mario validator and is one of the most trusted community members. Luigi runs the Anon DAO validator and is an Admin/Escrow for various community channels.

  • secretSauce ๐Ÿฏ validator is run by the community member Pmuecke who leads the governance committee, hosts all information bots over Telegram and Discord, runs the validator chat and helps various projects with on-chain data collection.

  • AnonDAO This is the validator for the Anons NFT project, the commission of this validator accrues back to the Anon DAO. The validator is managed by Luigi from the Mario validator

  • Secret Code Podcast as a team of 2 was once funded via a SNAC and went for sustainability using the proceeds from a validator. The team still produces regular episodes and use the validator commissions to fund that effort.

  • Secret Keeper is an active twitter personality for Secret Network validating on the network for over 1.5 years. Secret Keeper also hosts a price tracker chrome extension for all Secret native tokens.

  • REDACTED CLUB DAO - This is the validator for the Redacted Club NFT project. The commissions accrued from this validator stream back into the projects DAO. The validator is run by Jamama.

  • Clandestina X Lavender.Five - This is the validator for the Clandestina NFT project. The commissions accrued from this validator stream back into the projects DAO. The validator is run by the lavender.five team.

  • MTC DAO - This is the validator for the Midnight Teddy Club NFT project. The commissions accrued from this validator stream back into the projects DAO. The validator is run by the team.

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