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Accelerator/Ecosystem Pool

Funded in SCRT and primarily managed by SCRT Labs, the Accelerator Pool is used to support critical growth initiatives across Secret DeFi, NFTs, gaming and metaverse, and other essential application verticals on Secret Network. Initiatives will target the core network metrics especially active usage, userbase, and TVL.
In addition, the Accelerator Pool will be a source of non-dilutive early stage funding in the form of grants to teams building applications, ecosystem tooling, and network-level improvements that support our ambitious growth goals. This funding is intended to be used as an initial foundation for developers before they turn to the Secret Ecosystem Fund and work towards global growth.
Grants have already been approved for over a dozen initiatives, including the development of the Secret NFT reference implementation, the Secret Monero Bridge, Shade protocol, developer frameworks like Polar and Griptape, Secret IDE, this documentation and many more.
For examples or ideas suitable for a SCRT Labs grant please take a look at
Interested developers may submit applications and get more information about the grant program via the Grants area of the Secret Foundation GitHub repository.

How to apply for a Grant

If you need help with applying for a grant or want to connect with Business development then please reach out to: SCRT Labs ([email protected]) or the Secret Agency.

Funding Amounts

Funding amounts are variable and can go as high as several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the complexity and value to the network, although the average grant would likely be in the order of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Grants may be split into several smaller milestones and receive funding accordingly on a per-milestone basis, as mentioned below. Since this is a non-dilutive funding opportunity, we encourage commercial projects to look for alternative sources of funding as well. We are especially interested in seeing new start-up companies and projects emerge that build exclusively on Secret Network. For these, non-dilutive funding such as a grant would be significant.
Grant awards will be distributed in 3 or more installments, with initial payment to take place right after approval of the grant. Teams must define critical milestones for the project and propose installment amounts upon completion of different milestones.


All code must be open source. If there’s a good reason to make an exception, please specify this in your proposal, and emphasize which parts (if any) will be open source. Please mention the license you plan to use in your application.

Who Are We Looking For

We are looking for individual developers, new and existing companies and projects, community members, or established teams with a proven track record to contribute to the Secret Network ecosystem. Prior work on Secret Network or experience in deploying Ethereum or other blockchain applications is a big plus.
Secret Apps are encouraged to have a path for commercial sustainability (token or fee model).


Use the Secret Network developer forum and Secret Network Discord (#use-cases and #find-a-team channels) to brainstorm, discuss ideas, and form teams. We encourage you to get feedback from the community (including the Enigma development and product team) before submitting any application.

Application Process

When ready, apply to the Grants area of the SCRT Labs GitHub repository. Do this by opening a new issue in the format of this sample application.
The application should cover the following details:
  • High-level description of the project
  • Problem / solution (max. 200 words)
  • Detailed product/network improvement description (max. 500 words)
  • Go-to-market and commercialization plan (if applicable)
  • Team:
    • Please share all past experiences, Github links, and repos
  • Milestones and budget:
    • Please provide a budget, development timelines for milestones, and budget distribution based on milestones.
If you’d like to apply privately, please email [email protected] with the above information.
You can find a sample application here.

Evaluation Process

We will review your application and get back to you with the following steps (request for more information, schedule a video interview, and more) in two weeks.
Thank you for your interest in Secret Grants! We cannot wait to work alongside you in building Secret Network into a data privacy hub for all blockchains, helping secure the decentralized internet.
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