SCRT Labs is the core development team behind Secret network. Founded and led by Guy Zyskind, MIT's Media Lab Alumn and a top 15 co-cited Blockchain research author. Starting from research at MIT in 2015 the team developed under the name Enigma-MPC and later re-branded to SCRT Labs. SCRT labs has a team of 10+ working mostly on the Secret network layer 1 and business opportunities for Secret Network. Secret network is an open source software, anyone can contribute together with SCRT labs via their github.

SCRT Labs focuses on development regarding implementation of Tendermint and the Cosmos SDK for the Secret network Layer 1, CosmWasm implementations and the Encryption/privacy structure of the Network. As a core development organization SCRT Labs also has opportunities for developers to get funding (SCRT Labs Grants) and development issue help (Discord chat). A list of SCRT Labs team members is available on the SCRT Labs website.

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