June 2015
Guy Zyskind publishes the first two papers about secure and private decentralized computation from Research at Enigma/MIT. "Decentralizing Privacy: Using Blockchain to Protect Personal Data" describes how with encrypted inputs and access control blockchain can bring back privacy to users of distributed technologies like the internet. "Enigma: Decentralized Computation Platform with Guaranteed Privacy" describes how secure Multi-Party Computation could enable a new private blockchain solution dubbed Enigma. At this moment in time when Enigma has its first public mention.​

September 2017

Enigma does an ICO and raises $45m to build the decentralized privacy solution proposed in 2015.
January 2020
Developers and community members of Enigma realize the importance of instant-finality and privacy by default on a layer 1. A decision is made to bring the privacy-as-a-service layer Secret Network to the Cosmos ecosystem.

February 2020

Over 20 independent genesis validators launched a new blockchain that came to be known as Secret Network. This mainnet is a proof-of-stake blockchain based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint and secured by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT). The collective vision for this blockchain was to create a privacy-first chain that would allow smart contracts to utilize private and sensitive data. The network would utilize privacy technologies that could enable secure computation over encrypted data.

September 2020 - Private smart contracts

A mainnet upgrade made Secret Network the only blockchain running live smart contracts with encrypted inputs, outputs, and state. That is possible because every node operator validating the network activity uses a secure enclave – the same type of technology securing your fingerprint on your smartphone. You can think of Secret Network as combining the programmability of Ethereum with the privacy of Zcash. This capability for "programmable privacy" now allows developers to begin building their own permissionless and privacy-preserving “Secret Apps.”
Since this upgrade, more and more use cases have been built and deployed, most notably the SNIP-20 standard for Secret Tokens. Several implementations of this standard were launched, including secretSCRT (a privacy-preserving variant of SCRT), community tokens (such as FAT SCRT, sALT, and many others), and thanks to the Secret Ethereum Bridge, a wide variety of Ethereum assets (including ETH and many other prominent ERC-20 tokens). Other use-cases showcasing the power of Secret Contracts (such as Secret Auctions, private-voting, and Secret Vaults) have been deployed to the network, and many other use-cases are currently being built.

December 2020

the Secret Ethereum Bridge brought the power of programmable privacy to ETH and ERC-20s at low cost.

February 2021

SecretSwap launched on the Secret Network mainnet, the first AMM (Automated Market Maker) to be launched in our ecosystem and a one-of-a-kind product for the blockchain space. This is a critical piece of Secret DeFi, unlocking new liquidity for secret tokens!

October 2021

Sienna Network launches its first application on the Secret Network mainnet called SiennaSwap. Also ALTER launched on-chain, the first verifiable user-side encrypted communication platform. This time is also when the first Secret NFT comes on-chain. The SNIP-721 standard is used as the base for the well**-**known Anons NFT.

November 2021

The Supernova upgrade brings privacy to the Interchain by enabling IBC for the Secret Network. SCRT can now freely flow to other Cosmos SDK chains like Osmosis, and the Cosmos HUB. Both SiennaSwap and SecretSwap enable DEX listings for sATOM, sOSMO, sDVPN, and more. November also marks the date where SCRT labs announces their collaboration with Quentin Tarantino for the TarantinoNFTs

December 2021

The Stashh NFT marketplace launches bringing many different artists to the Secret Network blockchain and giving the Cosmos ecosystem its first taste of the utility and interest that comes with SecretNFTs.

January 2022

Secret Network announces the next phase of growth with a $400M ecosystem fund for builders as part of the Shockwave initiative

February/March 2022

Shade protocol launches its token SHD in a cross-chain airdrop and the SCRT token lists on several high-profile exchanges like Kraken, Huobi, Kucoin, and FTX. At this time Kevin Smith also announces his collaboration with SCRT labs and LegenDAO to launch the first NFT feature film "Killroy was Here".

April 2022

SiennaLend launches on Secret Network. The only private on-chain lending solution in the world.

May 2022

Secret Network completes the Shockwave Alpha upgrade bringing 200x improvements to cryptographic verifications like cross-chain airdrops and query permits while also enabling the Cosmos "interchain accounts" module and enabling the CosmWasm StateSync module. The network also increased its active validator set to 80, allowing for many known faces to enter the community.

September 2022 - Secret contracts go Interchain

The Shockwave Delta upgrade brings CosmWasm v1.0 and with that Interchain contracts. Privacy as a Service is a reality and Cosmos chains can start easily integrating Secret network True randomness, private voting and many other usecases. After a small bugfix Snip-20 tokens also get the option to move cross-chain of which many are now accesible on DEXs all over the cosmos.

November 2022 - Ecosystem expansion

Secret summit and a new Ecosystem roadmap show the inmense progress on the Secret application layer. New applications like Eqoty music, Bidshop, Prifi labs, Bushi gaming, Serenity shield, Yoiu, Actilist, kado, Fina and Blizzard pitch their project and showcase their innovative ideas to the Secret community. Find a summary of the secret summit in this playlist.

December 2022 - More scalability

SCRT labs launches the Shockwave omega upgrade containing a new smart contract engine dubbed Wasm3 increasing contract throughput by ~5x. An extra emphasis also went into the testing of gas consumption of the varying contract elements to better protect the network against exceptionally high computational load.
Additionally the Secret Agency DAO joins as an extra registered NPO in the network helping applications, developers and users with leveraging Secret Network for their success.\