Secret Network v1.12

  • Fix the hardcoded admins feature

  • Add hardcoded admins according to proposals 269 (Shillables) & 270 (Sienna).

  • Fix PFM to stop dropping packets of IBC contracts.

    • This has always been a bug in PFM. It was introduced in v1.9 and was missed because of a bug in our CI system.

    • Fixed the bug in PFM and updated the dependency.

    • For more info see cosmos/ibc-apps#105.

  • Add admin to WasmMsg::Instantiate in cosmwasm-std (Thanks @luca992!).

    • This allows contracts to specify an admin address when instantiating other contracts.

    • See usage example here.

  • Update IBC to v4.5.0

  • Fixed a bug in the v1.12 upgrade handler (8a67990)

  • Fixed Rosetta server

  • Patch a security issue (IBC vulnerability)

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