Panic: SGX_ERROR_NO_DEVICE: Initialize Node Seed Failed

If you get this, generally your server has restarted erroneously. In order to fix it and get secret-node running again, you must reinstall sgx and reload the aesm.service. Source Discord conversation.

  1. Re-install sgx

    sudo bash sgx
  2. Restart the aesmd.service

systemctl restart aesmd && journalctl -fu aesmd

4. Restart secret-node.service

systemctl restart secret-node && journalctl -fu secret-node

Blocks Aren't Being Produced

If you aren't seeing any blocks being produced, that likely means you don't have any active peers. To solve this:

  1. Add seed nodes

sed -i.bak -e "s/^seeds *=.*/seeds = \",,\"/" $HOME/.secretd/config/config.toml

2. Restart secret-node

systemctl restart secret-node && journalctl -fu secret-node

You'll be tempted to add persistent_peers as well, but unless you have control over the peers, DO NOT add them. Peers change frequently and interfere with the built-in network peering protocol.

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