Most updated information:​



  • ​Sienna Network​
    • Front running resistant AMM
    • Private lending application
    • ​
      Sienna launchpad
  • ​Button Swap​
    • AMM/DEX aggregator by​
      • ​
        Limit orders coming soon
    • password manager, Viewing key wizard and more
  • ​Shade Protocol​
    • An array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications
      • Shade (launched)
        • Governance token and staking for protocol revenue
      • Silk (
        fall 2022)
        • Overcollataralized stable coin backed to a basket of assets with transactional privacy by default
      • ShadeSwap (
        fall 2022)
        • AMM with protocol owned liquidity in mind
      • SHD bonds
        • Purchase discounted SHD by providing LP shares
      • Synthetics
        • Algorithmic synthetic assets with transactional privacy by default
  • ​StakeEasy​
    • Privacy preserving liquid staking solution for Secret Network.
  • ​Secret Invoice​
    • Request payments via invoices, and pay for ivoices sent to you
  • ​Secret Auctions​
    • Sealed-bid auctions and OTC market
  • ​Blackbox​
    • A 2 legged application for transactional privacy on Secret Network
  • ​
    • A Balancer-like AMM build on Secret Network
  • ​
    • a P2P private lending solution for Tokens and NFTs on Secret Network
  • ​
    Selenian Network​
    • Digital asset management with an integrated defi stack
  • ​AmberDAO​
    • Private store of Value token


  • ​Stashh​
    • Marketplace for Secret NFTs
  • ​Legendao​
    • Mint to earn NFT launch platform with a native collection and Token
  • ​Anons​
    • First NFT project to launch on the network. Only 580 anons. Twitter and Contract​
  • ​Tarantino NFTs​
    • Seven uncut scenes from the original Pulp Fiction manuscript
  • ​Killroy was Here​
    • The first feature film launched as an NFT by Kevin Smith
  • ​V-IRL​
    • A platform and tooling to bridge real-life assets to SecretNFTs while maintaining user privacy


  • ​Fardels​
    • An decentralized social network for access-control to content with a paywall
  • ​Altermail​
    • A decentralized user-side encrypted Communication platform with e-mail, (group) messaging and video calls + in-game communication coming soon.
  • ​Whisprs​
    • Decentralized, cross-chain, private Messaging, by core-dev Cashmaney​
    • a blockain-based dApp to send cache of information and/or SCRT coins to the future
  • ​
    • A data marketplace and paywall application for any online content built leveraging Secret Network for encrypted escrow contracts


Notable games built on the network include:
  • ​Secret Dreamscape by Digiline (Blog)
    • A social multiplayer game that's like a mashup of poker and scrabble. The cards are rich with fantastical images that take the player somewhere between a dream and reality. Players can bring their personal deck of NFT cards and their played words to the cards as they play for chances to win from the community prize pool.
  • ​
    Onenet (Bushi)​
    • Gaming platform building an on chain FPS (first person shooter) called Bushi
  • ​​
    • Head-to-head strategy game on testnet invoking the prisoner's dilemma. Implements private entropy pool for random numbers and secretNFTs as rewards and playable in-game power-ups. (Contract codebase, Front-end webapp code)
  • ​Secret Heroes​
    • Deck building, auto-battler game based on collectible secretNFTs, built in Unity
  • ​Secret Holdem​
    • Rock paper scissors game without commit-reveal on testnet (Codebase)