Install secretd

Unlike other Tendermint/Cosmos based daemons, secretd cannot be built from source due to the SGX requirement.

For other builds other than .deb, see the Secret Network Github Releases.

Install script

Download the secretd install script


Execute the script

sudo bash install-secretd

Manual method: Download and Install secretd

The most common method for installing secretd is the Secret Network package installer for Debian/Ubuntu:

# Get the latest release info
RELEASE_INFO=$(curl -s

# Extract the URL of the .deb file
DEB_URL=$(echo $RELEASE_INFO | jq -r '.assets[] | select(.name | endswith("mainnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb")) | .browser_download_url')

# Download the .deb file
wget $DEB_URL

# Extract the file name from URL

# Install the .deb file
sudo apt install -y ./$DEB_FILE

# verify installation
secretd version

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