Frontend Development

Learn how to connect Secret Network contracts to a frontend.


Secret.js a JavaScript SDK for writing applications that interact with the Secret Network blockchain. Key features include:
  • Written in TypeScript and provided with type definitions.
  • Provides simple abstractions over core data structures.
  • Supports every possible message and transaction type.
  • Exposes every possible query type.
  • Handles input/output encryption/decryption for Secret Contracts.
  • Works in Node.js, modern web browsers and React Native.
You can find the full version of the docs here.

SecretJS Templates

Refer to the reference SecretJS Templates to review code implementations of SecretJS such as:
  • Connecting to Secret Network
  • Creating account using SecretJS
  • Query Secret Network
  • Submitting transactions
  • Using contracts
  • Wallets
  • SNIP-20 tokens
  • Consuming websocket contract events

Fullstack dApp tutorial

See here for a fullstack dApp tutorial that uses SecretJS.
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