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Secret Network v1.7 Upgrade Instructions


  • All coordination efforts will be done in the "SN Validators" Telegram group.
  • Make sure to backup your validator before making any chnages.
  • Please read carefully before you begin the upgrade.

Upgrading Manually

Note: The below instructions assume default installation. DO NOT COPY-PASTE if config.toml is not in ~/.secretd/config/config.toml or if you modified /etc/systemd/system/secret-node.service. If you have modified /etc/systemd/system/secret-node.service, you will need to re-apply those changes post installation and pre service restart.
When the network reaches the halt height 7,719,500, you'll see this message in your node's log (journalctl -fu secret-node):
2:00PM ERR UPGRADE "v1.7" NEEDED at height: 7719500:
2:00PM ERR CONSENSUS FAILURE!!! err="UPGRADE \"v1.7\" NEEDED at height: 7719500
Then, the upgrade steps for v1.7 are:
# Backup your node's SGX secrets
cp -a /opt/secret/.sgx_secrets ~/sgx_secrets_backup
cp ~/.secretd/.node/seed.json seed.json.backup
# Figure out currently used db backend
DB_BACKEND=$(awk -F \" '/^db_backend =/{print $2}' ~/.secretd/config/config.toml)
# Get the v1.7 binaries
wget "${DB_BACKEND}_amd64.deb"
# Verify the v1.7 binaries
echo '32fa1dcc3e0d234f596d7efde917f9ca14df2292e6b6ef997eca20a435abcd95 secretnetwork_1.7.1_mainnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb
590573d0be9543440d2675ce7ae4e157bf44b4151fd38dca17575000bc8d2d44 secretnetwork_1.7.1_mainnet_rocksdb_amd64.deb' |
grep "$DB_BACKEND" |
sha256sum --check
# Stop the v1.6 node
sudo systemctl stop secret-node
# Install the v1.7 binaries
sudo apt install -y "./secretnetwork_1.7.1_mainnet_${DB_BACKEND}_amd64.deb"
# re-apply any systemd unit file customizations
# Restart the node
sudo systemctl restart secret-node
After restarting the node with v1.7, you should see INF applying upgrade "v1.7" at height: 6537300 in the logs (journalctl -fu secret-node). Once 67% of voting power comes online, you'll see blocks executing again.

Upgrading Automatically Using Cosmovisor

Cosmovisor is a new process manager for cosmos blockchains. It can make low-downtime upgrades smoother, as validators don't have to manually upgrade binaries during the upgrade, and instead can pre-install new binaries, and Cosmovisor will automatically update them based on on-chain SoftwareUpgrade proposals.
⚠️ Cosmovisor is still new and best practices for using it are not yet established. If you don't feel adventurous at this time, we recommend upgrading the manual way.
For instructions on how to setup Cosmovisor, go here.

Details of Upgrade Time

When the network reaches the halt height 7,719,500, the Secret Network blockchain will be halted and validators will need to take action to upgrade the chain to the secretd v1.7 binary (be it manually or automatically).
The proposal targets the upgrade proposal block to be 7,719,500, anticipated to be on Wednesday March 1, 2023 at 2:00PM UTC.
The upgrade is anticipated to take approx 30 minutes, during which time, there will not be any on-chain activity on the network.

In Case of an Upgrade Failure

In the event of an issue at upgrade time, we should coordinate via the "SN Validators" Telegram group.
If as a result of a software bug the network fails to produce new blocks with the v1.7 binaries, the SCRT Labs team will distribute a v1.6 binary with an empty v1.7 upgrade handler, which will essentially allow the chain to revert to v1.6 while continuing to produce new blocks.
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