Use Cases

Secret’s tech is the ultimate blank canvas for innovative applications. You might already know of Secret as the Web3 privacy hub. And with programmable privacy enabled by default, Secret is enhancing existing concepts created on the blockchain (DeFi, NFT, Gaming). But more crucial than that, Secret offers developers an edge to innovate on real-world use cases.

Use Cases Covered

What Will Web3 become?

Your privacy was an afterthought in Web2 and we are repeating the same mistake in the early days of Web3. We have seen massive privacy and data breaches in the last few years (Cambridge Analytica to name one).

Without privacy, Web3 will be a dangerous version of Web2 where your data and consumer behavior are just public and sitting here for big corporations to exploit them, again…

Secret Network is providing the solution to take back control, preserve your right to manage your privacy, decide what data and with who you want to share it, and in the long run for cryptocurrency to go mainstream.

Secret Network is not only bringing privacy to existing blockchain applications but also providing the base layer for a better Web3. This is where we are seeing a lot of real use case applications putting back the user at the center of it all, preserving your right to privacy.

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