Contract Migration

Learn how to do contract migration with SecretJS.

Secret Network Client Setup

import { SecretNetworkClient, Wallet } from "secretjs";

const wallet = new Wallet("Your mnemonic words go here");

const secretjs = new SecretNetworkClient({
  chainId: "pulsar-3",
  url: "",
  wallet: wallet,
  walletAddress: wallet.address,

SecretJS Contract Migration


Migrate a contract's code while keeping the same address. Invokes the migrate() function on the new code.

Input: MsgMigrateContractParams

const tx = await secretjs.tx.compute.migrateContract(
    sender: myAddress,
    contract_address: contractAddress,
    code_id: newCodeId,
    code_hash: codeHash, // optional but way faster
    msg: {
      migrate_state_to_new_format: {},
    sent_funds: [], // optional
    gasLimit: 100_000,

See here for further docs on contract migration.

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