Community Pool

The Secret Network has a on-chain community pool governed by SCRT stakers. The community pool is a way for various teams to get funding denominated in SCRT. Most committees who work on the Secret Network get their quarterly funding from the community pool. The community pool is funded from an on-chain staking tax, 2% of the token inflation on the network is send to the community pool address. To get funding from the community pool one needs to submit an official governance proposal on-chain by using the SecretCLI. Documentation for proposing a funding request can be found here. When creating a Governance proposal we suggest you to follow the Secret Network Charter & Code of conduct as voted on in proposal #81. This Charter lays out the process of creating a proposal and asking for community feedback. The charter also provides a clear guidance for determining the amount of SCRT required for funding certain proposals. Everyone is free to create a Governance proposal to ask for community funds, please reach out to the community via the Forum first.

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