Psychz Setup

Website: psychz

Things to note before setting up on Psychz:

  1. Only certain CPU's are available with setup

  2. You need to manually Open the BIOS and select the configuration.

Installation Step By Step

1. Getting the Right Configuration

Ensure your hardware meets the Hardware Compliance requirements.

2. Wait for the configuration to be delivered to you.

This takes about 1 day, you may need to make sure they have the servers, if they do not make sure you request only the same configuration or the SGX wont be enabled.

Make sure you request them to install the Latest BIOS for the SGX to work

3. Login into their Portal

The Dashboard portal is only enabled once you signup. Go to your device section. Go to IPMI (remote management) and create a session to log into the BIOS, I used the Java to download and connect to the BIOS over the port. You need to make sure Hyper Threading is disabled in the BIOS so that you can get an ok platform message.

4. Install SGX utilities from the Secret Network Documentation

Login with your credentials and proceed with SGX installation.

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