Data Privacy

Privacy is a human right and Secret is setting the landscape to take back the full control and ownership of our data. Privacy is fundamental to a better decentralized web.

Why are you not receiving any incentives when your data is monetized and exchanged on marketplaces you’re not aware of?

Cloud Data Storage

Jackal is building a decentralized Web3 hot/cold cloud storage system that follows the Amazon S3 standard but with higher digital privacy and cyber security standards by bridging Secret and Filecoin. Jackal is based on a P2P node network which are all a gateway to FileCoin and an IPFS node (acting as a cache layer), ensuring a smooth and private user experience.

Only the owner of the private key can access the content of his storage and Secret smart contract are used to encrypt/decrypt the content uploaded/downloaded by the owner.

For example, you could have a private vault for digital evidence in a justice case which could be only opened during hearings with the private key avoiding any prior tempering.

Web3 developers could use Jackal to build:

  1. Password Managing Service

  2. Website Hosting

  3. NFT Storage Solution

  4. Google Docs and Dropbox or similar applications

Content Marketplaces

By controlling the viewability and ownership of your data, you should be able to decide to sell, if you choose to, your data in marketplaces.

DataVault is being developed on Secret, introducing a decentralized privacy-preserving content management and data exchange. You will be able to download an encrypted dataset containing any type of content (video, music, software, picture, data proofs, …) and by purchasing the viewing key you will unlock its full content. Marketplaces plugged into DataVault would generate revenue from sales for the governance stakers. They could vote to approve or delist dataset providers and provide dataset scoring. This economic model benefits the creators and users and not one centralized company.

Only Share What Is Needed

And what about private Decentralized Identity? You should be able to connect to all your dApps with your unique DID and share only data that is needed by the dApp.

StarShell is a privacy-preserving, free, and open-source Web3 wallet built for the Secret Network and Cosmos Ecosystem. It protects your identity by limiting the types of information dApps can collect from your account.

With Secret as a base layer, you can see the impressive diversity of use cases that become possible.

Learn more about, DataVault, and StarShell.

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