Ecosystem Overview

This is a list of Secret Network related projects, tools, games, and more!
The ecosystem is always evolving so feel free to suggest changes as discussions, issues, or PRs if something is missing or incomplete through our Github page.

General Resources

Information resources

Community Channels

Community resources

User Guides

Text Tutorials

Video Tutorials


Developer Guides

Guides about building on the Secret Network

Developer Tools

Tools for interacting with the secret network and for writing Secret Contracts

Reference Contracts

Examples of reference Secret Contract implementations
    • Quickstart template to start developing Secret Contracts
  • SNIP-20
    • Reference SNIP-20 contract implementation (Secret Tokens)
  • SNIP-721
    • Reference SNIP-721 contract implementation (Secret NFTs)
    • Template for launching NFT projects that need randomized minting
    • Example of on-chain randomness based on encrypted inputs and state + video tutorial