Art And Digital Media

Art and Digital Media are booming in the blockchain space thanks to the NFT primitive. Secret Network is providing exciting and critical features to NFT with privacy. You can learn more about the infinite horizon of Secret NFTs in this article.

What Secret Could Bring To Art And Digital Media?

NFT 3D galleries are starting to pop-up in the ecosystem. We could have a private version where the artist may show only some pieces to the public and have a VIP section only accessible if you own a NFT from that artist or with the password written in the private metadata of your NFT.

This protects the artistโ€™s content and allows them to generate fair revenue streams by building a fan base. The artist could also release exclusive private content which is only to be seen by his NFT collections owners.

Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith both launched unique pieces on the Secret Network. You can follow for more upcoming famous creators.

Fractionalized NFTs

Fractionalized Secret NFTs (currently in development) allows you to own a share of an expensive NFT privately and in the meantime provide NFTs a more liquid market and better price discovery.

What about owning a share of a luxury real estate that had been fractionalized and owning that token could generate a yield from vacation rent? Or do you prefer owning a share of a private island?

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