Secret Network v1.7/1.8


Fixed a critical bug in 1.7.0 that prevented new nodes from joining the network and existing nodes from restarting their secretd process.


  • Added the ability to rotate consensus seed during a network upgrade

    • this will be executed during this upgrade

  • Added expedited gov proposals

    • Initial params (can be amended with a param change proposal):

      • Minimum deposit: 750 SCRT

      • Voting time: 24 hours

      • Voting treshhold: 2/3 yes to pass

    • If an expedited proposal fails to meet the threshold within the scope of shorter voting duration, the expedited proposal is then converted to a regular proposal and restarts voting under regular voting conditions.

  • Added auto-restaking - an opt-in feature that enables automatic compounding of staking rewards

  • Added light-client validation for blocks

    • Protects against leaking private data using an offline fork attack

    • Enables trusted block heights and block time to be relied on by contracts

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