As of V1.7 of Secret Network users can enable autocompounding SCRT staking with their respective validators.

when you delegate uscrt to a validator. These delegators can receive part of the validators fee revenue. To learn more read about the Cosmos Token Model.

The autostake feature will claim rewards for you and automatically delegate them back to the same validator. To receive your liquid rewards you will have to unbond.

The minimum amount of staked SCRT to use this feature is 10 SCRT!

Learn more about the Restake feature here

Query restake status

You can query the restaking situation per delegator and receive a list with validator addresses for which the user has turned this feature on.

secretd query distribution restake-entries [delegator] [flags]

Enable restake

On the Secret Network mainnet, we delegate uscrt, where 1scrt = 1000000uscrt. Instructions can be found here.

One must be staked before one can activate restaking. The following command can be used to activate restaking for the stake that is with that validator as long more tokens are bonded than restake-threshold(currently 10000000 uSCRT = 10 SCRT).

secretcli tx distribution set-auto-restaking [validator] [true/false] --from [delegator]

Query restake Parameters

One can query the parameters for Restake using the command below

secretcli q distribution params

With the above command you will get the values for all parameters that can be set by Governance including:

  • minimum_restake_threshold - # of uSCRT required to enable restake

  • restake_period - The autocompouding frequency denominated in the # of blocks

One can also query the restake-thresholddirectly. For now one can use a direct LCD CURL to get the information like: but a SecretCLI and Secret.JS query is being implemented.

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