Bond Tokens

On the Secret Network mainnet, we delegate uscrt, where 1scrt = 1000000uscrt. Here's how you can bond tokens to a validator (i.e. delegate):

secretcli tx staking delegate \
	<amount> \


secretcli tx staking delegate \
	secretvaloper1l2rsakp388kuv9k8qzq6lrm9taddae7fpx59wm \
	1000uscrt \
	--from <key-alias>

<validator-operator-address> is the operator address of the validator to which you intend to delegate. If you are running a full node, you can find this with:

secretcli keys show <key-alias> --bech val

Where <key-alias> is the name of the key you specified when you initialized secretd.

While tokens are bonded, they are pooled with all the other bonded tokens in the network. Validators and delegators obtain a percentage of shares that equal their stake in this pool.\

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