Installing CLI & Creating A New Address

`secretcli` is the Secret Network light client, a command-line interface tool for interacting with nodes running on the Secret Network. To install it, follow these instructions:


Get the latest release of secretcli for your OS HERE.


  • Mac/Windows: Rename it from secretcli-${VERSION}-${OS} to secretcli or secretcli.exe and put it in your path
  • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo dpkg -i secret*.deb

Setup the executable

Linux and MacOS users:
chmod +x secretcli


secretcli config chain-id pulsar-2
secretcli config output json
secretcli config node
You can find alternate node endpoints in the API registry, or run your own full node

Check the installation

secretcli status
"NodeInfo": {
"protocol_version": {
"p2p": "8",
"block": "11",
"app": "0"
"id": "4b5e512f8a3c780997296bf832b03162f3df8547",
"listen_addr": "tcp://",
"network": "pulsar-2",
"version": "0.34.19",
"channels": "40202122233038606100",
"moniker": "sod-kiwi",
"other": {
"tx_index": "on",
"rpc_address": "tcp://"
"SyncInfo": {
"latest_block_hash": "A96CACFF7ECDA55CE74B4CB5663CBCB4B81C90EE9C5A782FDE54EF2731B2602C",
"latest_app_hash": "72265C9D240664114B5147250DFB5D264059FEECD79252299FBC8F1AE5DFAB45",
"latest_block_height": "3349627",
"latest_block_time": "2022-06-17T13:26:22.318042433Z",
"earliest_block_hash": "CE8FAC38B21A89F9D19AA426079FF4E70C3D10C7145B054FA62074A6A4315C4F",
"earliest_app_hash": "923C58D76166FB56E56223DBF7D3F5D5E351AA9B29508F34230DC37D984AEB88",
"earliest_block_height": "2732001",
"earliest_block_time": "2022-05-12T09:02:42.660025803Z",
"catching_up": false
"ValidatorInfo": {
"Address": "A4F9AC96DA2D8FCA823041E7C5CE983661B5366A",
"PubKey": {
"type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
"value": "xqI/LrMarnyVSEKeYeLGGRWz0EuAKgr22ymD8A6h0B0="
"VotingPower": "0"

Create a new address

secretcli keys add <name>
See more details on how to use the CLI here