Install secretd
Unlike other Tendermint/Cosmos based daemons, secretd cannot be built from source due to the SGX requirement. For other builds other than .deb, see the Secret Network Github Releases.

Download And Verify secretd

The most common method for install secretd is the Secret Network package installer for Debian/Ubuntu:
# download secretd v1.3.1
wget ""
# verify download
echo "9a2c72ba61b00abfa2a6652ff8b5006fa9ae84d9175d2328949d1496884933dd secretnetwork_1.3.1_testnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb" | sha256sum --check
# secretnetwork_1.3.1_testnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb: OK

Install secretd

sudo dpkg -i secretnetwork_1.3.1_testnet_*_amd64.deb
# verify installation
secretd version
# 1.3.1
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