Snapshots are compressed folders of the database to reach the current block quickly.

Install dependencies

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd lz4

Download snapshot

This snapshot only supports goleveldb.
wget -O secret.tar.lz4

Delete old data

Reset your node.
WARNING: This will erase your node database. If you are already running validator, be sure you backed up your priv_validator_key.json prior to running the the command. The command does not wipe the file. However, you should have a backup of it already in a safe location.
sudo service secret-node stop
secretd tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.secretd

Decompress snapshot

lz4 -c -d secret.tar.lz4 | tar -x -C $HOME/.secretd

Download latest addrbook

This will ensure you connect to peers quickly.
wget -O addrbook.json
mv addrbook.json ~/.secretd/config

Restart service

sudo service secret-node status && sudo journalctl -o cat -fu secret-node