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Grafana Dashboard

The dashboard for Cosmos SDK nodes is pre-installed, to use it:
Enable Tendermint metrics in your secret-node
sed -i 's/prometheus = false/prometheus = true/g' <YOUR-NODE-HOMEDIR>/config/config.toml
After restarting your node, you should be able to access the Tendermint metrics (default port is 26660): http://localhost:26660
If you did not replace NODE_IP with the IP of your node in the Prometheus config, do so now. If your node is on the docker host machine, use
$ nano ./prometheus/prometheus.yml
$ docker-compose down
$ docker-compose --profile monitor up -d
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    Login to Grafana and open the Cosmos Dashboard from the Manage Dashboards page.
  2. 2.
    Set the chain-id to secret-3
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