Use Cases Of Secret Contracts

With the addition of privacy, Secret network use cases skyrocket to include anything possible on traditional web2 server infrastructure. The only caveat is that it does not store large quantities of data. If you need to store large quantities of data, it is still possible but you need to integrate a storage solution such as IPFS or Arweave with your Secret contract to accomplish this.

Case Study: BlackBox

BlackBox is a dapp on Secret network that leverages Secret contract to allow users to make new private wallets not linked to any previous wallet, as well as receive tokens without giving out their wallet address, similar to using Monero sub-addresses. While this can be done using a dapp like Tornado Cash, Torn requires a two step process that does not occur entirely on chain, as it is impossible to hide all the data. The result is BlackBox is simpler, more trustworthy, and more efficient.