SecretK (Kotlin)

A Kotlin multiplatform Encryption and REST client for Secret Network utilizing gRPC gateway endpoints.
Based on the work of: secret.js ( old) + secret.js​

Supported Features:

  • Contract Queries
  • Simulate Contract Execution To Estimate Gas
  • Contract Execution (MsgExecuteContract)
  • Contract Code Upload (MsgStoreCode)
  • Contract Instantiate (MsgInstantiateContract)
  • Bank Send (MsgSend)
  • Web: Delegate signing transactions to Kepler or Metamask browser wallets

Supported Targets:

  • JVM
  • js
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • TODO: lin
See the full documentation, code and usage examples here For help and questions please ask Luca Spinnoza from Eqoty labs.