Fiat/Crypto Onboarding

Secret network has active integrations with:
  • Axelar Satellite/
    • Using the Axelar SDK users can bridge Ethereum and other EVM/Non-EVM assets into Cosmos and Secret arriving immediately as Wrapped SNIP-20 private tokens into their Secret account.
    • Squid is a cheaper (gas wise) version for Axelar based bridging one can use as a widget.
  • Houdiniswap/Xblock
    • One can uttilise the Xblock integration or Houdini widget to let users onboard Crypto assets like XMR, BTC, ETH and more privately directly into SCRT
    • Kado supports SCRT and direct Noble USDC onboarding onto Secret network. One can uttilise their Widget to allow for in-app onboarding via Paypal, Credit, Debit and more.
  • TransAk
    • TransAk support SCRT onboarding using Debit, Credit, paypal and other gateways
Last modified 2mo ago