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Bridge (messaging/tokens)

Secret network has active integrations with:
  • ​Axelar GMP​
    • Using IBC Hooks, a contract on Ethereum can call a contract on Secret and get a response back.
  • SnakePath (GMP)
  • Axelar Satellite/
    • Using the Axelar SDK users can bridge Ethereum and other EVM/Non-EVM assets into Cosmos and Secret arriving immediately as Wrapped SNIP-20 private tokens into their Secret account.
    • ​Squid is a cheaper (gas wise) version for Axelar based bridging one can use as a widget.
  • ​Andromeda Protocol​
    • Leveraging IBC users can utilise andromeda digital objects to improve their development speed and interact more easily with cross-chain app functionality.
Coming soon (can be expedited if needed, let us know!):
  • Wormhole - via Gateway (Application was filed)
  • Hyperlane - pending Cosmos release
Permissionlessly supported:
  • Gravity bridge
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