SecretK (Kotlin)

SecretK (Kotlin)

A Kotlin multiplatform Encryption and REST client for Secret Network utilizing gRPC gateway endpoints.

Supported Features:

  • Contract Queries

  • Simulate Contract Execution To Estimate Gas

  • Contract Execution (MsgExecuteContract)

  • Contract Code Upload (MsgStoreCode)

  • Contract Instantiate (MsgInstantiateContract)

  • Contract Migrate (MsgMigrateContract)

  • Contract Update Admin (MsgUpdateAdmin)

  • Contract Clear Admin (MsgClearAdmin)

  • Bank Send (MsgSend)

  • Web: Delegate signing transactions to Kepler or Metamask browser wallets

Supported Targets:

  • JVM

  • js

  • iOS

  • macOS

  • TODO: linux

Swift/Objective-C Support

  • An experimental swift pacakge for use with iOS and macOS is available as well.

See the full documentation, code and usage examples here For help and questions please ask Luca Spinazzola from Eqoty Labs.

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