Auto Restaking

As of Secret Network V1.7 delegators can autocompound their SCRT Staking rewards using the native Restake feature.

How it works

Normally SCRT delegated to a validator accrues SCRT rewards every block as a claimable balance. With the autorestaking feature enabled however the SCRT rewards will never be claimable and also never in the claimed balance state. Every x amount of blocks (currently 1000 set by the chain parameter - restake_period) all claimable rewards, on the Restake enabled validators by the user, will be removed from the reward balance and accredited to the staked balance.

The code implementation for native Restake is available here

Delegators can enable Restaking independently for every validator they stake with using the set-auto-restaking command available in SecretCLI or on any UI implementing the Secret.JS command.

The feature only activates if the delegator has a balance with the validators larger than minimum_restake_threshold which is currently set to 10 SCRT

Start autocompouding your rewards now at the Secret Dashboard!

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