Account abstraction

Unstoppable/threshold Wallet(less)

Secret contracts are an awesome tool for native account abstraction. This all comes down to the fact that Secret-contracts can store (parts of) private keys in their state without revealing them to other network participants or observers. This concept was first thought out by scrt labs in a proof of concept multiple years ago [Code], then uttilised by Alter for easy log-in (as explained here), but the newest version uses novel additive HE and MPC to create a form of Unstoppable Threshold wallets [Code]. This proof of concept is now taken by and primevault to develop walletless experiences and secure threshold wallets for the next million users. can help you setup smart accounts for your Secret dApp already, feel free to reach out to them!

Want to learn more about Unstoppable wallets? - Watch this talk from the SCRT labs CEO and Secret Network founder Guy Zyskind at Gateway to Cosmos Prague 2023.

Cosmos Native AuthZ/ICA

One can also use the native AuthZ module supported on Secret to have other accounts perform any specified action for any specified amount of time and limit. A usecase for this is more secure voting and autocompounding interfaces like

Smart contracts can also use ICA/ICS-999 (although host module is not supported yet) to control accounts on other chains over IBC and manage funds in interesting ways. Feel free to check out the codebases/Apps of Quasar and to get an idea of what that can look like.

Smart contract based

One can also leverage cosmos wide forms of account abstraction like this one implemented by Larry from delphi.

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