Secret IBC setup

Two local secrets can Inter-blockchainly communicate with each other via a Hermes relayer

For deployment of production level relaying services and config/guide information for both RLY and Hermes please refer to --> IBC relayers documentation

Secret IBC setup

In this demo, you will learn how to create two LocalSecret docker containers that can send IBC token transfers to each other using a Hermes relayer. This tutorial assumes that you already have SecretCLI installed on your machine. In order to follow along, clone the Secret-IBC-setup repo before proceeding.

Next, install Hermes relayer. You can use the hermes configuration found in the Secret Labs examples repository for your configuration of Hermes.

If you are using a Mac, you may need to press Command + Shift + .(the period key) in order to see your Hermes configuration file.

The configuration file can be found in $HOME/.hermes/bin

Bootstrapping LocalSecret

Make sure you have Docker installed and running. Then, cd into ./secret-ibc-setup/relayer and run:

docker compose up

This launches two LocalSecret containers:

  • localsecret-1 on port 26657

  • localsecret-2 on port 36657

Now let's establish an IBC channel with Hermes between the LocalSecret containers in order to make an IBC token transfer.

If you've never funded a Hermes wallet before, learn how to do so here.

If you would like to do further reading, refer to the LocalSecret wallet docs and the Hermes wallet docs.

Creating the IBC transfer channel

To create an IBC transfer channel, make sure both LocalSecret chains are running in Docker, open a new terminal window in your code editor, and then run:

hermes create channel --a-chain secretdev-1 --b-chain secretdev-2 --a-port transfer --b-port transfer --new-client-connection

SecretCLI will ask you to confirm the transaction before signing:

Query that the transaction was successful:

secretcli query tx <tx hash>

You have successfully created an IBC transfer channel on channel-0πŸŽ‰.

Next, start Hermes:

hermes start

Send IBC Token transfers

Assuming you have the wallet key 'a' which is not the relayer's key, run:

# be on the source network (secretdev-1)
secretcli config node http://localhost:26657

# check the initial balance of a
secretcli q bank balances secret1ap26qrlp8mcq2pg6r47w43l0y8zkqm8a450s03

# transfer to the destination network
secretcli tx ibc-transfer transfer transfer channel-0 secret1ap26qrlp8mcq2pg6r47w43l0y8zkqm8a450s03 1uscrt --from a

Query that the transaction was successful:

secretcli query tx <tx hash>

If you run into the error cannot send packet using client (07-tendermint-0) with status Expired: client is not active it is because the LocalSecret trusting period is 79 seconds.

To resolve this error you must launch the LocalSecret containers, create the IBC transfer channel, and start Hermes within 79 seconds of each other.

Assuming you did not run into an error, switch to the destination network (secretdev-2) and query the bank balance of wallet a to confirm that the transaction was successful:

# switch to the destination network (secretdev-2)
secretcli config node http://localhost:36657

# check that you have an ibc-denom
secretcli q bank balances secret1ap26qrlp8mcq2pg6r47w43l0y8zkqm8a450s03

Congrats πŸŽ‰ You should now see the ibc-denom returned in the transaction query:

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