Verifiable Randomness

Learn how to request verifiable randomness on EVM with secret-network-ccl npm package

With requestRandomness you can request an array of up to 2000 random numbers on chain from Secret Network.

Select the EVM chain that you want to use to execute the Secret Network smart contract and update your secretPathAddress with the correct gateway contract address. For this example we are using Sepolia:

let secretPathAddress = "0x3879E146140b627a5C858a08e507B171D9E43139";

requestRandomness requires privateKey, endpoint, secretPathAddress, network, numbers, and max parameters:

numbers is the amount of numbers you want to request

max is the the max range the numbers can be. So if you set max to 200, the largest random number that can be returned is 200

const {requestRandomness} = require('./node_modules/secret-network-ccl')

let privateKey = process.env.PRIVATE_KEY;
let endpoint = `${process.env.INFURA_ENDPOINT}`;
let secretPathAddress = "0x3879E146140b627a5C858a08e507B171D9E43139";
let numbers = "15";
let max = "5"; 
let network = "testnet";
//use "mainnet" for network if contract is deployed on Secret mainnet

requestRandomness(privateKey, endpoint, secretPathAddress, network numbers, max); 

Execute the function to request randomness on EVM:

Transaction sent! Hash: 0x475fb8a46f61f928e46bbbc71a15b7e10c25581647ece64f2538b627f52a0886
Transaction confirmed! Block Number: 6155187

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