# Hardware Compliance

# Information Regarding SGX Compliance and the Secret Network

This is intended to guide you in selecting SGX compliant hardware for the Secret Network mainnet.

# CPUs

Intel XEON

Verified compliant processors:

  • CPU: E-2276G, E-2278G, E-2286G, E-2288G, E-2176G, E-2178G, E-2186G, E-2188G

Verified non-compliant processors:

  • CPU: all 3rd generation E-23xxG processors are confirmed not working.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CPU must support SGX via SPS. CPUs that only support SGX via intelME will not work.

List of Processors that Support Intel® Software Guard Extensions

# Supermicro Information

Supermicro builds several boards that are mainnet compliant. Here is a current working list, as of May 31, 2021.

  1. Motherboard : X11SCM-F
  1. Motherboard : X11SCM-F
  1. Motherboard : X11SCW-F
  1. Motherboard X11SCZ-F

  2. Motherboard X11SSL-F

# Dell Information

  1. Build Dell R240

# HP Information

  1. Build HP DL20 G10
# Contributers