# Full Node Backup

Why you might want to backup your node ID:

  • In case you are a seed node.
  • In case you are a persistent peer for other full nodes, archive nodes, or validators.
  • In case you manage a setup of senty nodes and use node IDs in your config files.

To see the associated public key:

secretd tendermint show-validator

# Full Node Private key

  1. Backup ~/.secretd/config/node_key.json.

# Full Node Data

  1. Gracefully shut down the node:

    sudo systemctl stop secret-node
  2. Backup the ~/.secretd/data/ directory except for the ~/.secretd/data/priv_validator_state.json file.

  3. Backup the ~/.secretd/.compute/ directory.

  4. Restart the node:

    sudo systemctl start secret-node