Reference Contracts

Examples of reference Secret Contract implementations
  • (CW v0.10) Secret Template - Quick-start template to start developing Secret Contracts
  • (CW v0.10) SNIP-20 - Reference SNIP-20 contract implementation (Secret Tokens)
  • (CW v0.10) SNIP-721 - Reference SNIP-721 contract implementation (Secret NFTs)
  • (CW v0.10) Randomized NFT Minting - Template for launching NFT projects that need randomized minting
  • (CW v0.10) Secret Dice - Example of on-chain randomness based on encrypted inputs and state + video tutorial

CosmWasm V0.10

Template Contracts

Community Code Repositories

Open-Source Contracts

GitHub - TriviumNode/cloak
Private wallet gas seeding from BlackBox
GitHub - Secret-Dreamscape/contract
Secret DreamScape game contract
GitHub - scrtlabs/SecretSwap
Front-running resistant AMM
GitHub - eshelB/decure: decentralized customer review platform
A platform for reliable customer reviews and ratings on any business that accepts payment in SNIP-20 tokens