• Use all available cores to serve queries.
  • Mainnet docker image with automatic node registration & state sync (docs).
  • Mempool optimizations (Thanks @ValarDragon!). For more info see this.
  • Fix missing libsnappy1v5 dependency for rocksdb deb package.
  • Updated ${LCD_URL}/swagger/ for v1.3 and added ${LCD_URL}/openapi/.


  • Bug fix when calculating gas prices caused by queries. This is will increase gas prices for contracts that use external queries, and will more accurately reflect resources used
  • Updated cosmos-sdk from v0.44.5 to v0.45.4
  • Updated tendermint from v0.34.16 to v0.34.19
  • Fix registration failure for Intel Xeon 23xx-series processors (icelake still unsupported)
  • Floating point checks no longer ran on execute (only on init)
  • Upgraded ibc-go from v1.1.5 to v3
    • Added support for ICS27 - default host messages include voting, delegate/undelegate and voting
    • Full changelog: ibc-go/v1.1.5...v1.3.0
  • Backport API from CosmWasm v1:
    • ed25519_verify()
    • ed25519_batch_verify()
    • secp256k1_verify()
    • secp256k1_recover_pubkey()
  • Add new secret CosmWasm API:
    • ed25519_sign()
    • secp256k1_sign()
  • Registeration service has been reworked. Registering a new node automatically now no longer requires a node to function properly. It also includes built-in support for the pulsar-2 testnet with the --pulsar flag.
  • Secretcli now automatically appends either port 80 or port 443 when not providing any port using secretcli config if the node address starts with http:// or https://



This version only a bug fix in the 1.2.5 release

1.2.5 - deprecated


Architecture now split into query nodes and validator nodes. Query nodes contain optimizations that may not be entirely safe for validators and greatly improve querying performance. In addition, contracts are now served by two different enclaves: Query enclaves and execute enclaves. This will allow upgrading query enclave and improving performance without consensus-breaking changes. Lastly, rocksdb support is enabled. We are releasing binaries for each supported Database. Rocksdb is recommended for performance, but requires a resync of any nodes currently running goleveldb.


  • Added Rocksdb support (currently Ubuntu 20.04 only)
  • Added new query node setup


  • Changed default behaviour to not print help on errors. Use -h if you miss it:)
  • Added support for Ledger using Secret Network coin type (529). Creating keys using secretcli keys add x --ledger will use this by default. To create keys compatible with the Cosmos ledger app continue to use --legacy-hd-path (thanks @SecretSaturn)


  • #879 Enclave multithreading + dedicated query enclave
  • #881 Added telemetry measurements to compute module #881
  • #882 Shutting up usage help by default in CLI #882
  • #884 Bumping cosmos sdk version to v0.44.6 and added rocksdb support



  • Fixed creating permits with Secretcli



  • Fixed issue where queries would try to access the Enclave in parallel from multiple threads, causing SGX_ERROR_OUT_OF_TCS to be returned to users when a node was under sufficient load. Queries now access the enclave one-at-a-time again.


This is a minor non-breaking version release.


  • Migrate the secretcli tx sign-doc command from v1. See this for more info.


Version 1.2.0 has been released - the Supernova upgrade!


  • Upgraded to Cosmos SDK 0.44.3. Full changelog can be found here
  • Gas prices are lower - as a result of performance upgrades and optimizations, gas amounts required will be much lower.
  • GRPC for cosmos-sdk modules in addition to legacy REST API. See API here
  • New modules:
    • Fee Grant - allows an address to give an allowance to another address
    • Upgrade - Allows triggering of network-wide software upgrades, which significantly reduces the amount of coordination effort hard-forks require
  • Auto Registration - The new node registering process is now automated via a new command secretd auto-register

API and endpoints

Registration module

  • The endpoint /reg/consensus-io-exch-pubkey has been changed to /reg/tx-key and now returns {"TxKey": bytes }
  • The endpoint /reg/consensus-seed-exch-pubkey has been changed to /reg/registration-key and now returns {"RegistrationKey": bytes }

GRPC and REST endpoints

GRPC endpoints have been added for cosmos-sdk modules in addition to legacy REST APIs, which remain mostly unchanged.
GRPC endpoints for the registration and compute modules will be added in a future testnet release

SecretCLI and Secretd

Unlike other cosmos chains, we chose to maintain the differentiating CLI and Node runner executable differences. SecretCLI still contains the interface for all user-facing commands and trying to run node-running commands using SecretCLI will fail. Secretd now contains both node-running and user-facing commands.
As a result of cosmos-sdk upgrade, some CLI commands will have different syntax
Secretd nodes now run the REST API (previously named LCD REST server) by default on port 1317. You can change this behavior by modifying /home/<account>/.secretd/config/app.toml and looking for the api configuration options


Version 0.17.3 has been released! SecretJS has been upgraded to support the Supernova upgrade. All APIs remain unchanged, although the versions are NOT backwards compatible.
For compatiblity with 1.2.0+, use SecretJS 0.17.x. For compatiblity with 1.0.x (legacy), use SecretJS 0.16.x


Secret-CosmWasm remains in a version that is compatabile with the v0.10 of vanilla CosmWasm, and previous versions compatible with secret-2 will still work with this upgrade.
A new feature has been added - plaintext logs. To send an unencrypted log (contract output), use plaintext_log instead of log. This allows contracts to emit public events, and attach websockets to listen to specific events. To take advantage of this feature, compile contracts with cosmwasm-std = { git = "", tag = "v1.2.0" }

Known Issues

  • SecretCLI still uses /home/.secretd to store configuration and keys
  • Signatures other than secp256k1 are unsupported for CosmWasm transactions.
  • snip20 CLI commands not working
  • IBC commands not yet working
  • Fee grant messages not supported by CosmWasm
  • SecretCLI incompatible on M1 Mac
  • /reg/registration-key returns malformed data
  • To register a new node the environment variable SCRT_SGX_STORAGE should be set to "./" or the registration process might fail
  • SecretCLI/Secretd default gas prices are set to 0 while nodes default to 0.25uscrt