Community code repositories (CCR)

The community code repositories are a small bounty framework where developers can take up tasks taking up to 20-30 hours to complete and thereby create an open source code library to be used by any other developer on the network. The CCR concept is budgeted for by the Secret Network development Committee and open projects can be found in the Github repository. Before taking on a task the Development committee leads will have a quick conversation with you so they can guide you in the project. Upon completion the code for the created tool is open sourced and the developer is paid the agreed upon bounty of up to $ 2,500 USD. To contribute please reference the in the CCR repository.

Community Curated Bounty List

The Community Curated Bounty List was initiated by the Governance committee and is a signalling proposal in which multiple development projects with funding up to 25,000 SCRT get a green light from the community. These on-chain approved ideas will make it easier for developers to ask subsequent funding from the community pool, via a governance proposal, to complete these development tasks. The CCBL was first introduced in proposal #71 and later updated in proposal #101 adding more ideas and a higher max budget. People who approach the CCBL will have the opportunity to get connected to individuals who are happy to help push the idea forward, refine it, and turn it into something that the on-chain community pool would be willing to fund assuming the right entity stepped up to build/execute on it. Before every Validator Survey new submissions will be vetted in a public CCBL Working Group meeting to make sure the ideas conform to the current boundary conditions as agreed to by the validators. The Validator Survey which will determine eventual inclusion in the on-chain proposal is currently sent out every 3 months.


  • Projects that can have their results (or a proof-of-concept) available within a month of full-time development. In the case of an individual developer there is some leniency.
  • No projects that are already in active development.
  • Projects need to be specific, so not just 'a casino'.

Open projects on the CCBL

  • A SCRT faucet that will use the fee-grant module that will be included with the IBC upgrade
  • Secret bet: a decentralized, permissionless, and privacy-preserving betting place where you can set up a bet with your friends or even bet on your favorite basketball or football team (This project is likely to be subject to increased local regulation, please ensure research into local laws and regulations)
  • A secret NFT project where you can store identification documents as secret NFTs that only you can see and that you can show to people on request with a temporary viewing key
  • A bridge with the Solana ecosystem
  • Secret insurance with on-chain implementation of ensuring different events inside the secret ecosystem that could be checked via oracles or smart-contracts
  • A domain name service (similar to ENS) with privacy functionality, and potentially using the domain as a web3 identity
  • An interface to view and create viewing keys in batches
  • A peer to peer NFT trading platform, including escrow functionality
  • A crowdfunding platform