• Trivium is a team of 3 consisting of Lumi, Xiphiar and Erwin. All of them are experienced developers/engineers all in their own niche bringing several tools to the ecosystem. One of those tools is the novel Blackbox application for private wallet funding.
  • XavierCapital is the organization behind, a tax tool for Secret Network and the wider Cosmos. The founder Jordan is an investor and advisor in several different ecosystem Dapps like Alter, Shade and more.
  • SecretAlf works on the website which hosts a calendar and social media platform for the Secret Network ecosystem so users can easily interact and stay up to date with all events.
  • 🅲🅾🆆 🅻🅴🆅🅴🅻 🐮 aka Gmail has been a longstanding community member and the core developer behind He also runs several APIs for the coingecko price feeds and can be contacted for any specific data requests.
  • NodeVine🍇AKA Elie is the community manager for Sienna network and works together with Emannuelle and SecretAlf on the application.
  • is a validator on many different Cosmos chains and other POS blockchains. They run a faucet for almost all their networks including Secret which you can use to privately seed your wallet.
  • Smart Stake is a cosmos wide development organization and the host of the smart stake analytics page for Secret Network.
  • CosmosPug Cosmos pug hosts a website to track Cosmos ecosystem airdrops with comprehensive guides for claiming them.
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