• Cryptocrew is a validator organization validating on an array of cosmos chains running relayers for all of them. Based out of Austria cryptocrew has ran relayers for Secret from the first moment of IBC compatibility setting up a big part of the initial infrastructure or helping others to do so.
  • Lavender.Five Nodes 🐝 is a team of 2 and has been a core player in the Secret network ecosystem for a long time. Developing various tools, Developing relations with other IBC chains, helping other validators and relayers and being a large contributor to the developer documentation.
  • BlockNgine is a validator organization that runs validators for several Cosmos chains and relays IBC transactions for several Secret Network channels. The team provides soft-slash protection for your staked funds.
  • StakeLab is a french organization providing validators and development work for many different chains in the IBC ecosystem. The stakelab team runs relayers for several channels on the Secret Network.
  • playalongs validator provides code for the chains they validate on and relays on several Secret network IBC channels.
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