• has been a core infrastructure provider since the very start of the network, providing public APIs for applications to use and several testnets + tooling.
  • Secretnodes is a Genesis Secret Network validator and the development organization behind the SecretNodes block explorer. SecretNodes runs API nodes for various application and is a core code contributor to various parts of the network including their own library called SecretDAO, a toolset for DAO creation.
  • Cashmaney AKA Itzik is a SCRT labs developer and the creator of Cashmaps. He runs nodes for the Keplr API cluster and several other applications.
  • Figment used to run the Datahub Secret API service where applications could buy query node services for their applications. Figment is a partner in the ecosystem fund and is also 1 of the 5 Ethereum bridge multisig participants.
  • 🛹 Stake or Die! and their founder Sandy have been developers and infrastructure providers for a long time. Besides being active with the Testnet and the public API structure the team also helps the Secret foundation with website development.
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