• Mr. Roboto🤖's Secret AKA Baedrik is the founding father of the Snip-721 private NFT standard, the co-founder of and a big contributor to the Secret Network code base for a long time. Baedrik has significant knowledge on the privacy characteristics of Secret Contracts and is a constant help in the discord development channels.
  • 🪐 𝕊ecret 𝕊aturn Alex from Secret Saturn is the developer of the upcoming Secret Network Ledger application and a big help in the validator community.
  • SecretChainGirl Capital as a team is a Genesis Secret network validator and they have contributed to the ecosystem in various way. Their most recent projects is called Secret Boxes/university which aims to help developers get started with smart contract development for Secret Network.
  • Chilly Waifu Validation are active developers in the Cosmos ecosystem and have contributed in various ways to the common Cosmos codebase. The team is active on twitter for the community and has written several articles on Secret Network explaining some of the technology.
  • Jamama is a longstanding community member. He is a moderator and developer for the Redacted club community and is the co-founder of the V-IRL Real life NFT utility platform and NFT collection. Jamama is an active contributor in the validator chat to help further optimize the performance of the chain.
  • is a canadian based developer for several Secret Network applications including V-IRL, a metaverse project and an Infrastructure as a service platform. Artemis also runs a validator for the Bitcanna blockchain.
  • Notional DAO and the founder Jacob are well known Cosmos native developers building for every chain they validate on. The team runs bare metal hardware in their SEA office. Notional is an active governance participant, you can follow their opinions via twitter.
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