• Jackal DAO is a private decentralized data storage platform on Secret Network developed by the Jackal team. The team has been significant contributors to the ecosystem in both code and relations and are active in governance leveraging a community voting system.
  • DomeriumLabs and their founder Stefan are creating an on chain game called Orbem Wars. Stefan has been contributing to the Secret Network ecosystem for a long time, is active in governance discussions and always has an eye out for new people and projects coming in by creating the monthly roadmap updates.
  • hydro.finance is a DEX application which is coming to Secret Network. The team previously worked on SecretSwap.net and revealed.network. The team is also known as High vault and consists of Several long time network participants like Eric (secret code podcasts) Ethan and Bengee
  • Alter dApp is a user-side encrypted communication application built on Secret Network. Alter was one of the first live applications on Secret Network and their team are great contributors to the network. The most recent Stake-to-access model grants every single staker of 10SCRT access to the ALTER messaging and video app.
  • Secure Secrets is the development organization behind Shade protocol and a host of API nodes for Dapps to use. The founders have been long standing supporters of Secret Network and are core contributors to the Secret Network codebase, documentation and content libraries.
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