Secret Agency
The Secret Agency is a separate entity paid by the foundation (and therefore the community) that focuses on:
  • Supporting international communities
  • Attending global events and organizing grassroots local events
  • Supporting network wide (translated) educational content
  • Sustainable community engagement and learning experience
  • Generating social media presence for the community and supporting KOL and other contributors in doing so.
  • Growing the engaged and educated user base of Secret Network
You can contact the agency via any of the leaders (Brendan, SecretSkrillah, Ertemann, SeanP, Jeremy.S or Wesley) or via their e-mail [email protected] You can stay up to date with the work of the Secret Agency by joining the discord and following them on twitter. The Agency hosts a weekly progress meeting at 1500 UTC in the Secret Network discord.

Working groups

The main goal of the Secret Agency is to enable the native community dubbed "Secret Agents" to be the best community contributor they want to be. It does not matter if you want to attend events, translate content, create educational videos or scroll through twitter all day. The Secret Agency hosts 9 different working groups in which Secret Agents can coordinate activities and become active in the Secret Network community:
  • Agent-engagement - This working group focuses on staying active as a community member and interact with applications and other Network participants. eg. Testing beta applications, bug hunting content on the website, mass usage of an application and chatter on social channels.
  • Design - This working group focuses on creating visual content related to Secret Network. Creating memes, helping illustrators or crafting infographics are all examples of work done by this working group.
  • Education - Content and helping users understand the intricacies of Secret Network is the main focus of this working group. Agents can help by creating video/written content or answering questions in social channels.
Are you creating content and you want help or feedback? Please reach out to the Education working group.
  • Events - Agents contributing to this working group will organize and attend events all over the globe. The Secret Agency will help fund your adventure and make sure you have some cool merchandise to share with any Privacy enthusiasts you meet.
  • International communities - This working group helps enabling local communities and leads the translation of all Secret Network content.
  • Social media presence - Twitter and Social media is quite hard to get right. In this working group agents get to learn how to build their brand and use social media. The working group also hosts podcasts and AMAs on social channels and the highest level contributors can participate in KOL outreach to get Secret Network covered by the brightest minds in the space.
  • Recruitment - If you are passionate about the Secret Agent program than recruiting more agents to come in and enjoy all Secret Network applications is always a good thing. Become a Secret Agent!
  • University relations - This working group focuses on creating and maintaining professional relations with Universities and blockchain groups all over the world. Present to students, developers to be or privacy enthusiasts and see if you can make them enthusiastic about the Secret Network ecosystem.
  • Secret Agency media - This working group hosts the Secret agency official media. The Secret agency media accounts follow the voice of the community so feel free to submit ideas for a cool post!
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