# Development Roadmap

Secret Network supports staking, transactions, and governance activities.

The next version of Secret Network will offer Secret Contract functionality. Our subsequent milestones are:

  • [x] Enable cosmwasm-based contracts to be deployed on Secret Network testnet
  • [x] Enable cosmwasm-based contracts to be deployed within Intel SGX enclaves (the TEE that the Secret Network will initially use) on the Secret Network testnet
  • [x] Enable key-sharing protocol for encryption and decryption of state, as well as encryption and decryption of input/output data between clients and Validators. This is referred to as the compute module, which is specific to the Secret Network.

Read more about the completion of milestone 3 of 3!

The above milestones constituted the R&D work required to enable Secret Contracts. After these steps were completed, Enigma submitted a proposal to the Secret Network blockchain which upgraded the network to enable Secret Contracts. Validators voted to approve this proposal for implementation.